We Asked ChatGPT if Bitcoin’s (BTC) Market Cap Can Hit $3 Trillion After the Halving



Bitcoin’s market cap may reach $3 trillion post-halving, driven by several important factors.
Opinions on BTC’s future value vary, with optimistic projections as high as $100K, alongside broader industry growth expectations led by figures like Ripple’s CEO.

The Halving’s Possible Impact

Bitcoin’s market capitalization recently reached an all-time high of over $1.43 trillion, with the figure currently standing at around $1.32 trillion.

The asset’s price performance has been quite impressive in the past month, with many industry participants expecting further gains in the following months based on the upcoming halving. As such, we decided to ask ChatGPT whether BTC’s market cap could hit the $3 trillion milestone once the event takes place.

The popular chatbot said such a scenario is in the cards, but it depends on a variety of factors. The main one is the impact of the event. While it has historically been a precursor for a BTC bull run in the past, the situation seems rather different this time since the price of the cryptocurrency started rallying months before the halving.

Fred Thiel – CEO of Marathon Digital – thinks the rally influenced by the event has already priced in and does not expect any significant surges in the near future.

Many others, though, remain bullish, anticipating record peaks for BTC’s valuation after the halving. One example is Robert Kiyosaki – the author of the best-seller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” – who predicted that the asset could reach the $100K mark by September this year.

Additional Factors

ChatGPT estimated that the future market dynamics, including institutional adoption, regulatory environments, and macroeconomic elements, will also play a role.

Last but not least, it claimed that a BTC market cap surge to $3 trillion will be possible only if positive investor sentiment is in place.

“While a halving could contribute to an increase in Bitcoin’s price due to reduced supply and historical precedents, predicting a specific market cap like $3 trillion involves substantial speculation. Economic conditions, market sentiment, technological developments, and regulatory changes will all play critical roles in determining its future value,” the chatbot concluded.

The Forecast of Ripple’s CEO

One person who recently predicted a bright future for the cryptocurrency industry is the CEO of Ripple – Brad Garlinghouse. He believes the global market capitalization of the sector may exceed $5 trillion sometime this year. 

BTC currentluy accounts for approximately 50% of the total share, meaning a future market cap of more than $2.5 trillion (should Garlinghouse’s prediction turn true).

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